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Award Winning Singer Sarah Qistina Lim's Story

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Astrid Ji @astridjiphoto

Hair&Makeup: Daisy LW @daisy_lw021

Cover Model: Sarah Qistina Lim

Outfits: Apocalypto Kids @apocalypto_kids

Dresses/sets: Mischka Aoki @mischkaaoki

Sarah Qistina Lim, nine, is a passionate and creative girl who excels in acting, singing, and dancing.

Sarah is blessed with a rare gift, Absolute Pitch or Perfect Pitch, which is the ability to identify a musical note without any reference tone. She is officially recognized in The Malaysia Book of Records as The Youngest Perfect Pitch child.

Sarah obtained distinctions in Trinity Speech and Drama examinations, and was a First Prize Gold Medal winner (Broadway/Musical Theatre) for her age category in The American Protégé International Vocal Competition in New York City, 2019. She also performed in the winners recital and Winter Gala Concert in Carnegie Hall in December 2019.

Sarah is a major member of her school choir and orchestra, and will travel with The Kuala Lumpur Children’s Choir to Flanders, Belgium for the 11th World Choir Games Competition in July 2020. Sarah passed the audition for Genius Seni Koir managed by the Malaysia National Department for Culture and Arts, a program specially tailored for gifted talented children who excel in the arts with emphasis on choir in Malaysia.

In 2018 Sarah was cast into Season 2 of the global TV series “Go Iguanas!”. Sarah’s character, Edna, quickly became a fan favorite with audiences worldwide. Due to her exceptional acting ability Sarah was asked to continue as a lead role in season 3 and will also appear in the movie titled “S.H.E.crets”.

Learn more about Sarah at her IMDb profile:

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