"I started acting at the age of 7 and l truly love it." said Zariah Singletary (INS: @zariahjani_aka_zariah_on_fire).

"I was so excited when l was offer the role of Monquie Watson in the Movie "Still Here" I knew it was a very intense role but also a very important Movi...

August 24, 2020

Back Cover Model: Marina Klochkova @marina_klochkova_

Photographer: Anastasia Akinshina @akinshinakids

Model agency: Young&Famous @young_and_famous

MUA and hair styling: Erna @erna_sachyan

Clothing : Littledress @little_dress_nvrsk

Alexansder Terekhov @terekhovofficial


August 20, 2020

Model: Raygen Edwards


Ages: 16 Years Old

Location: Indiana, USA

Photographer: Jones Photography


(Published in La Belle SPRING 2020 issue / New York Edition)

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August 13, 2020

Photographer: Gina Baker @akomaphotography

Styling: Gina Baker
Models: Sasha Basae @sashabasae & Dakota Baker

Black tutu dress: Bentley and Lace

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It is a basic color yet it absorbs all colors on the spectrum.
It has been a topic of conversati...

June 30, 2020

Model: Alice Avery


Ages: 12 Years Old

Location: Ontario, Canada

Photographer: Paula Tizzard



Alycat Makeup&Hair Artistry


Alice is 12 years old and is in seventh grade. She lives on a large farm in Canada and enjoys...

June 21, 2020

Model: Giuliana

Ages: 8 Years Old

Location: New York, USA

Photos by

Astrid Ji


LILY KOZ Prodution



Giuliana is a native “Long Islander”. She is the middle child and has an older and younger brother. Giuliana aka “G" is 8 years old and...

June 17, 2020

Photographer: LILY KOZ @LilyKozStudio

Cover Model: JAZI @jaziandjimi
Swimsuit by Dolce&Gabbana
Shoes by Nina Kids Shoes @ninakidsshoes

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Dress by Lacoste
Tights by Collegien @collegien_official
Shoes by Puma

Model: JIMI @jazia...

June 17, 2020

Model: Sienna Jade


Ages: 10 Years Old

Location: Miami, USA

Photos by Astrid Ji


LILY KOZ Prodution



Sienna is a 10 year old model from the US with New York Models Kids in NY. 

Sienna studies acting, dance and public spea...

April 29, 2020

Model: Juliana Sousa @juleslinosousa  


Location: New York, USA

Photographer: LILY KOZ @LilyKozStudio

Dress: The New Society @thenewsociety_kiods S

hoes: Nina Kids Shoes @ninakidsshoes

Dress: The New Society @thenewsociety_kiods

Sneakers: Halogen


April 11, 2020


Elena Pomogaeva @pomogaeva_photo


Polina @polinakarapetyan._

Kira @ki_makeeva


Polina @polina_denicova


Natali Chekunova @natali.chekunova


Diana Tarashkevich @diana_tarashkevich


Orby, Stefania Pinyagina, Mango, Adidas...

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