Sierrah & Raynah - Cover Story / New York

Multi-talented Twin Sisters From Los Angeles

Published in La Belle SEP/OCT 2021 - USA Edition

Producer & stylist: LILY KOZ @LilyKozStudio

Photographer: Astrid Ji @astridjiphoto

Makeup and hair: Daisy LW @daisy_lw021

Cover Models: Sierrah and Raynah @sierrahraynah

Fashion Brand: GIÓ BESPOKE @gio_bespoke_

Models' Location: Los Angeles

Photography Location: New York, USA

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Sierrah and Raynah, twin sisters from Los Angeles are busy making their dreams come true!

Singing, dancing, modeling, acting, pageantry and volunteer work keep these 13 year old sisters busy.

Sierrah has recently recorded over 20 songs with her pop group, Future Pop, and filmed a series of commercials for Mattel that are currently airing and is keeping up her modeling portfolio.

Raynah has recently taken home the National title of USA AMBASSADOR PRETEEN as well as the National supermodel title. Raynah has also just walked in her second New York Fashion Week.

Both of the girls love helping others and are active volunteers in their community. Sierrah and Raynah have put together hundreds of hygiene kits for New Friends homeless center, and distribute the kits along with food, water, clothing and blankets to the less fortunate.

Raynah will travel the US this year as a representative for the USA AMBASSADOR system as well as speak in schools to raise awareness on Dyslexia.

The USA Ambassador Pageant is a charity driven organization that promotes success through Leadership, Integrity, Character, and Confidence in today’s young women.