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Zariah Singletary in Movie Still Here

"I started acting at the age of 7 and l truly love it." said Zariah Singletary (INS: @zariahjani_aka_zariah_on_fire).

"I was so excited when l was offer the role of Monquie Watson in the Movie "Still Here" I knew it was a very intense role but also a very important Movie for anyone to see. Michael Watson who played by the incredible actor (Maurice McRae) plays my father in the movie desperately try to find his missing daughter."

The Movie Still Here is about Monique Watson, a 12 year old African American girl goes missing in Brooklyn, New York. Police are not doing anything to find a lead, instead they go after the family. The subject drops on the desk of A young New York journalist, Christian Baker (Johnny Whitworth. who gets assigned the story of and risks his career and takes the matter into his own hands trying to find her.

Cast: Maurice McRae Johnny Whitworth, Afton Williamson, Zazie Beetz, Larry Pine, Zariah Singletary

Directed and Produced by the reowned Director Vlad Feier

Produced by Ana Paula Rivera

Movie Still Here will be released on August 28 2020

There are millions of missing children in the world and I truly pray everyday for someone to find them safe and alive. God bless each and everyone of the families and their missing loved ones.

* Blog is submitted by Zariah Singletary, INS: @zariahjani_aka_zariah_on_fire


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