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Mother of Pearl | The Secret Life of a Micro-Influencer

Sometimes the answers to life's big questions are obvious. If you want a straightforward, No Frills answer, then ask an 8 year old. So who better to teach us about fashion and sustainability than the influencers of the future. We dressed Britain’s top 'Micro-Influencers' in Mother of Pearl and asked them what they thought about Sustainability, Influencer Life and Fashion - all on film.

@Nannyrepeller, looking every bit the party princess in the MoP Tilda dress with tulle, became huge hit by sharing her very controversial thoughts on the latest Frozen movie, deeming it 'predictable'. Her honest voice gained her a following of 24k mini followers and she continues to share her now extravagant life of free fairy cakes and playground parties with her fans. But this kind of fame doesn't come without a price. When @Nannyrepeller was asked about her friends she said "I don't know who they are".

When we asked them their thoughts on sustainability, the responses of these micro-influencers were quite simple. "Don't use single use plastic" says @Michellebubbles, who is inspiring her 56k followers on a daily basis. The biggest inspiration has to be @Litterisforlosers who, along with her 'boyfriend' @Billyboy, says "We want to look after the planet together". Her kindness far extends caring for the planet and she shares that she 'like to look after animals, that people be naughty to'. In his straightforward, micro-influencer manner @Finnsnuggles adds 'No, no no. Don't chop the trees down'.

Check out the full interview below.

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