How To Become The FACES OF LA BELLE?

How To Become The FACE OF LA BELLE?

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Tosia Sliwski

Raygen Edwards

Alice Avery

Giuliana & Rebecca Aiello

Sienna Jade

Giulia Maria Mistreanu


Photographer: Evocative Light by BJ @evocativelight

Model: Cienna Plant @ciennaplant

Age: 10 Years Old

Location: Queensland, Australia

* Fall 2018 issue *


Photographer: Marta Sliwak @martasliwak

Model: Vivien Sworowska @viviensworowska

Age: 9 Years Old

Location: Krotoszyn, Poland

* Fall 2018 issue *


Photo Credit:

Model: Schirin Thoma

Age: 12 Years Old

Location: Switzerland

Agency: Modellagentur Models-Klick @modelsklick

* Fall 2018 issue *


Model: Yomarley Rosa @Primcessmarleyrosa

Photographer: LILY KOZ @LilyKozStudio

Clothing Brands:

Tee - La Belle tee @labellekidz

Pants - Koh mabby @koh_mabby

Shoes: Adidas Originals @adidasoriginals

* Summer 2018 issue *


Model - Juliana Mafrici @julianamafricis

Photographer - Stefan Pinto @stefanpinto

Stylist - Cristina Neill

* Spring 2018 issue *


Model - Carson Cooper @carsoncooper_official

Photographer - Diana Stoffel

Muah - Karen Copper

* Spring 2018 issue *


Model - Gabrielle Sabatini

Photographer & Stylist - LILY KOZ @LILYKOZPhotography

Copy Editor: Gianna Sanseverino

* Winter 2017 issue *


Model - Natalie Gonzalez

Photographer - Mindy Tanimoto

Copy Editor - Gianna Sanseverino

* Winter 2017 issue *


Model - Christianna Corkins

Photographer - Nicole Waldron / Classic Image Photography

Copy Editor: Gianna Sanseverino