Tiffany Royal

- Actress & Dancer

Published in La Belle JAN/FEB 2021 - USA Edition

Photographer: Derek Noort, INS: @dr0ckphoto


Modeling Agent: Jeffery Winkler

Agency: Kids Talent Agency


Tiffany was born in a suburb of Vancouver B.C. She was born at Langley Memorial Hospital on June 22, 2012. She lives with her GiGi , Tiffany also has an older brother.

Tiffany is enrolled at a Fine Arts School in her hometown where she completing her first 5 years school. She was involved in Ballet which she attended for 4 years, she was in 4 ballet Galas. Tiffany moved on to Gymnastics, she was entering the pre-competition training and may be returning after covid. Tiffany was a member of a soccer league for two years. May return fall this year. Her favorite school subjects are the arts and writing in her gratitude calendar.

When Tiffany was 5 years old, her GIGI enrolled her in acting classes, GIGI is also an actress. Tiffany was enrolled 4 years at Shore line acting school. When Tiffany started in the acting world her largest running show she was, WHEN CALLS A HEART for the season,. Tiffany’s last show she was in was, Anna’s Story.