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Tiffany Royal

- Actress & Dancer

Published in La Belle JAN/FEB 2021 - USA Edition

Photographer: Derek Noort, INS: @dr0ckphoto

Modeling Agent: Jeffery Winkler

Tiffany was born in a suburb of Vancouver B.C. She was born at Langley Memorial Hospital on June 22, 2012. She lives with her GiGi , Tiffany also has an older brother.

Tiffany is enrolled at a Fine Arts School in her hometown where she completing her first 5 years school. She was involved in Ballet which she attended for 4 years, she was in 4 ballet Galas. Tiffany moved on to Gymnastics, she was entering the pre-competition training and may be returning after covid. Tiffany was a member of a soccer league for two years. May return fall this year. Her favorite school subjects are the arts and writing in her gratitude calendar.

When Tiffany was 5 years old, her GIGI enrolled her in acting classes, GIGI is also an actress. Tiffany was enrolled 4 years at Shore line acting school. When Tiffany started in the acting world her largest running show she was, WHEN CALLS A HEART for the season,. Tiffany’s last show she was in was, Anna’s Story.

While productions were slow Tiffany started working in Cheerleading at Champion Cheerleading.

Tiffany has been at the Princess Ball at the exclusive private club in Vancouver, the VANCOUVER CLUB. She will returning to the next Ball after the covid virus has gotten under control.

Tiffany is looking at expanding her fine arts platform, this includes modeling and acting.

Tiffany at the Princess Ball photoshoot:


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