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Keightley in Paris

- Cover Story / Paris

Published in La Belle MAY/JUN 2021 - Paris Edition

Cover Model:

Keightley de Roucy @keightleyinparis


Ophélia Grelet @ophelia_foto

Photoshoot Location:

Paris, France

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FERRACHE @ferrache

Bag and accessories:

LUBIES @lubies_paris



About Keightley de Roucy

Born and raised in Paris, France Keightley is a bilingual, bicultural, French American girl. She lives with her American mom, French dad, older twin sisters Emmylou and Mathilde, their family dog Rex, a goldfish Maxime and two hamsters, Goldie and Raven.

Like most 12 year olds Keightley enjoys many extra-curricular activities. Her passions are dance and competitive gymnastics, acting and modeling. She also loves music and plays the violin, piano and sings. She enjoys skiing, swimming and hiking with her family. Her favorite pastime is playing with her bestfriend Lucie.

Keightley has been modeling and acting professionally since she was a baby. She’s done multiples advertising campaigns, television commercials, internet ads and even been featured on billboards in the Paris Metro Stations at the age of three. She’s participarted in several French TV series, Netflix and movies as well as enjoys working with student filmmakers in short films.

She loves working with incredible designers and talented photographers from all over the world and modeling their wonderfully creative designs in many beautiful locations. She has walked in several runway shows in New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week China. Her favorite part of modeling is the friends she’s met and kept for several years.

Keightley works hard at everything she does and would like to thank everyone who supports her, mentored her and inspired and encouraged her along the way.


KIRIKO SATO @kiriko_sato


FERRACHE @ferrache


Koi Footwear @koifootwear


LUBIES @lubies_paris


L’Arrosoir @larrosoirparis


STELLA PARDO @stellapardo

Bag and accessories:

LUBIES @lubies_paris


FERRACHE @ferrache


KIRIKO SATO @kiriko_sato

Location: L’Arrosoir @larrosoirparis

Bag: LUBIES @lubies_paris

Hat and accessories: KIRIKO SATO @kiriko_sato

Dress: An’ge Paris


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