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Published in La Belle MAY/JUN 2021 - USA Edition

Producer & stylist: LILY KOZ @LilyKozStudio

Photographer: Astrid Ji @astridjiphoto


Aislinn Ennis (Left) @aislinnennis

Sinead Ennis (Right)

Hair&makeup: Tahira Ahmad @tahira_ahmad

Outfits: Burberry @burberry

Location: New York, USA

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Article by Margaret Ennis @argaret_ennis

As the seasons roll out its colors, fashion follows suit from winter to spring and summer to autumn. Our “veteran” models who share the same family but completely different styles, Aislinn and Sinead Ennis, jumped at the chance to return to NYC and wear the latest Burberry collection.

The photo shoot backdrops are the NYC Public Library, representing American Academia and the pursuit of learning, something these two New England girls enthusiastically embrace, and Bryant Park, a nature haven and respite for New Yorkers.

This Burberry collection is made of ECONYL fabric, an ecofriendly nylon composed of recycled industrial ocean and landfill wastes like plastics, carpets, fabrics, and fishing nets. The Burberry signature English roses print with connected vines on a black backdrop is an ode to the outdoors and nature and its connection to us, signifying spring emerging from a sea of blackness and sets a powerful statement of stark contrasts fit for a boss.

The collars, detailed buttons and sleeves, pleated skirt, are formal serious touches yet the look is softened by the unexpected floral print and whimsical unicorn pattern and message, keeping it kid and teen friendly but still commanding like a boss. These types of bosses: the future.

For now, they’re just girls enjoying the moments, learning, and blooming...just like the flowers and birds in spring.


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