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Face Of La Belle - Macy & Roxy

Published in La Belle FALL 2022 USA Edition

Models: Macy Rubin @MacyRubin & Roxy Rubin @roxy.rubin

Agencies: Film, TV, Print - Nouveaux Talent Management @nouveauxny

Print - Zuri Agnecy @zuriagnecy

Photographer: LILY KOZ @LilyKozStudio

Location: New York, USA

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Finding an agent at the age of three launched a modeling and acting career for Macy. On set she’s been described as a true professional with a big personality. She’s modeled for J. Crew, Land’s End, Target, Benetton and many others. She’s had the good fortune of working with top models, learning from their skills as well as from hanging out on breaks. Being the entertainer on set, getting to know everyone and making them laugh by trying out accents and characters, Macy discovered her passion for acting. As an actress she’s appeared in films, commercials, and a TV pilot. Macy communicates well on-set and has a mature sense of what’s needed to nail the take. It’s bitter sweet for her when they yell, “that’s a wrap for Macy Rubin”, because after the moment of appreciation for her work, she immediately misses her set family. Macy is a true artist, has a vision for each of her characters, and loves telling their stories.

At Roxy’s first recital at the age of 4, after all of the other students were too shy to approach the piano, she went up to perform her song not only once, but several times. Since then she’s taken private piano lessons and has become a talented musician. Her main focus is Jazz, but also enjoys playing classical, movie scores, and classic rock. Academically, Roxy maintains straight A’s, skipped ahead a grade in math, and is in the gifted and talented program at her school. She’s modeled for several clothing and jewelry brands. She’s taken acting classes and last year won 1st place in her school district’s “Comedy Scene” skit competition. Roxy is taking her place as a STEM girl and continues to pave the way to a bright future.

Macy and Roxy have a strong work ethic that is proving successful on a steady journey to fulfilling their dreams. They both love animals, caring for their two rescue cats and donating to the shelter when they can. Each is talented and beautiful inside and out. Sometimes competitive, but always supportive. Strong as individuals, but even stronger together.


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