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La Belle #KidsHelpKids Role Models - No.1 Group

Thanks all kids who have supported La Belle #KidsHelpKids program! You all are not only beautiful looking kids but also have beautiful hearts! We like to share the photos of you who have sent and tagged us, and we will announce the FACE OF LA BELLE in our Spring 2017 issue soon!

* Model Sophia, 3 years old, Instagram: @sophiarose117

* Model Reese, 6 year old, who has walked for many designers during NYFW 2017!

* NYC high fashion and runway super model Ynairaly Simo, 9 years old, who has 6 years professional modeling career and was featured as La Belle cover model in Spring 16 issue and super model in Winter 16 issue! Instagram: @ynairaly_simo

* Model Isac Ortiz, 2 years old, Instagram: @babyisac7

* Agency represented model LaLa, 5 years old, Instagram: @nilani_isabella

* Mini fashion designer and fashionista Camila Michelle, 12 years old, who has designed and modeled her design for La Belle! Instagram: @misscami_fashion_

* Runway and magazine model Brianna, 10 years old, who walked at NYFW in Feb 2017!

* Child model and actor Dale Cordice, 6 years old, Instagram: @datcordiceboy

* Dancer and model Ashley Nicole wearing La Belle logo tee before her runway walk at NYFW in Feb 2017

* Jackie Gerace, 13 years old, who is a talented dancer, magazine and runway model. Instagram: @cheerdance0211 Jackie is supporting La Belle #KidsHelpKids program right before her catwalk in Feb 2017 NYFW!

* Zuri Model Chloe Verdier-Delmont, professional and experienced dancer, model and actress from LA! Chloe has just rocked her runway at Style Fashion Week in LA a few days ago! Instagram: @chloe_verdier_delmont

* Muti-talented Brooke Rotondo, 13 years old, competitive dancer, print model and film actress! Instagram: @brooke_rotondo_official

* Teen model Gabie, who is wearing La Belle [Trendsetter Tee]

Experienced print and magazine model, Instagram: @gabiemarinichh

*Dancer / Mode - Mia Dougherty, 10 years old, Instagram: @miatysean

* Zuri model Gianna Capri, 5 years old, Instagram: @gianna_capri

* Alayna Marrero, 9 years old, model, actress and fashionista, Instagram: @alayna_marrero


We have received messages and emails about having trouble to tag @LaBelleKidz on Instagram. Here is the simple tutorial:

1. set your Instagram account public in your Instagram settings (at the top right corner of your Instagram)

2. Click on the Top Right above your photo, looks like this ...

3. Click on Edit

4. Don't forget to use #KidsHelpKids in your post! Click on [Tag People]

5. Tap photo to tag @labellekidz, and click Done!


Join La Belle #KidsHelpKids program here:

Purchase your favorite tees, help struggling kids and have a chance to be featured in the magazine!


Thanks for reading and your support and we hope to hear from you soon!

La Belle Kidz Team


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