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Cover Story - Modern Fairy Tale

Photography, style, set design by Olesja Mueller

Assisted by Artem Vassiliev

Grooming by Sasha Milan

Cover / Anna Pavaga in Aristocrat Kids dress, hat and chests handmade by Home Element

Anna Pavaga in Aristocrat Kids headpiece and Bonpoint dress

(shoes - models own in all story)

Ivan Shvec in all Bonpoint, Yana Kozlova in all Aristocrat Kids

Anna Pavaga in Aristorcrat Kids visor, Bonpoint dress; Milana Kurnikova and Yana Kozlova in all Aristocrat Kids

Milana Kurnikova, Yana Kozlova and Michael Ditkovsky in all Aristocrat Kids

Ivan Shvec in Lelya Litvinova, Yana Kozlova in Aristocrat Kids, Michael Ditkovsky in Lelya Litvinova bomber, ZARA t-shirt and Bonpoint pants, Anna Pavaga in all Bonpoint, Milana Kurnikova in Zoya Gordeeva, handmade chest by Home Element


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