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Cover Girl - Valeria Collazo

Photography and styling by Olesja Mueller

Hair / Grooming by Jaime Gonzalez

Assisted by April Carter

Photographed at Vizcaya, Miami

Sweatshirt dress by GUCCI

Fashion Jewellery by J CREW, INC

Valeria Collazo

Born in Pembroke Pines, Florida 11/30/2003

Recent Jobs:

GAP, City Furniture, Snapper Rock,

LuliFama, Zingara, Coco Blanc, Otto, Bon Prix, Monnalisa, Next, Terranova Kids, C&A, Stage Stores, Peek & Cloppenburg, Dick's Sporting Goods, Walmart, Children's Place, Dodge, Puttman, Bealls, Falabella, Aldi, ToysRUs, HairUWear, Globus

Valeria’s First modeling gig was for Filou & Friends - a European clothing company with photographer Monica Skeisvoll when she was 20 months old, followed by a shoot for Tommy Hilfiger.

Valeria loves connecting with people from all over the world and keeping those relationships through the years. Modeling then becomes more than just a gig but an opportunity to meet with good friends. She is now very interested in how the creative process evolves during the shoot, how to pick the best images and she's very passionate about how to select the right style.

Valeria has evolved a lot during her career. From a little baby having fun on set to a mature young professional focused on maximizing every moment, always with positive attitude and a big smile. She's been able to excel at school, modeling and competitive tennis thanks to her strong sense of responsibility and perseverance. Knowing that school is always the number one priority, Valeria is always willing to go above and beyond to make modeling fit into an already hectic schedule. Modeling is that important to her. It has given her confidence, discipline and an amazing sense of professionalism for a girl her age. Recurrent clients that call her season after season are the best recognition of her work.

Dress by Twirls and Twigs

Something that could improve child modeling could be a better compatibility between school and modeling. Valeria is always working to improve her time management skills. While other kids doing modeling at this level opt to be home schooled, Valeria is very adamant about attending regular school. Balancing her modeling responsibilities while keeping a level of excellence in school requires constant work and maximizing every minute of the day. Valeria is lucky her school supports her.

3 qualities to suceed: discipline, responsibility, humbleness.

Valeria has been modeling since she was a baby, she doesn’t remember her life without modeling, she would love to keep connected to fashion, she’s a little fashionista herself, it could be in front of the lens or even behind the camera, but definitively she links her future with it, it would be a dream came true.

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