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Fashion Blog by Morea; Emily and Hannah - WINTER'S EDGE

Morea Juneau: I would have to say, that my favorite outfit was the last outfit that we wore. I also have not worked with any of the other models, and besides this one; I have never done an editorial shoot before. In my opinion, the location that we were in were in was quite interesting, and fascinating. I really liked it because, it was kind of a dead forest looking area so it was super cool in the backgrounds of the pictures. Lastly, I loved the experience that it gave me, and if any one else got this opportunity I would give it a thumbs up. Thanks again, Morea

Emily Fisher: "What an awesome experience! In the past, I've only done videos and commercials, so doing the magazine shoot was really cool and different from other projects. My favorite piece of clothing was probably the white, furry jacket I wore during the "edgy" scene. Even though I had never worked with any of the other models, I still had a great time, and we all got along really well. The location where we shot for the day was pretty interesting. Being in the trees and climbing them were my favorite parts. The only bummer was that we didn't get to use the fake snow. By far, the best part of the shoot was how all of us girls had so much fun together, plus I love getting my picture taken! I hope I have an opportunity in the future to work on another editorial piece like this and to work with Valerie again.”

Hannah Stocks: Being chosen as a model for Valluv Creations,by photographer Valerie Torstenson was such a fun experience. As I pulled up to do the shoot, I was fascinated by the stark yet beautiful vastness of the landscape. The other models and I were so happy to work with each other and had laughed as we walked to the various locations in the woods. Working mostly as an actress on TV, in commercials , as a voiceover artist, and most recently as my first lead in a feature film, it was such a different and enjoyable job to model. To show not only my inner beauty but to show my girly side. The first time that I saw the finished photos I was stunned at how beautiful they were. I especially loved the “edgy photos” as they were different and interesting. The work that Valerie, the photographer, and the makeup artist, Ashley Shae Goode, did was magical and I just couldn’t wait to see the finished products. I will always believe, that in order be beautiful, it must always start from the inside of a person and not merely the outside. I hope to work with these models, photographer and makeup artist in the near future and to add modeling to my list of accolades. – Hannah Victoria Stock, age 12, San Diego, CA

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