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An Impromtu Shoot To Catch The Last Bit of Sunlight by Felicia McGowan

Fashion by Collared shirt by Ava&Lu; Pants by Tuchinda; Leotard and faux leather skirt by Caroline Bosmans

This shoot was really impromptu. My friends were filming a web series and needed some kids for a scene being filmed in Bed Stuy and asked me to help out. I brought a bunch of the coolest kids I know, including Gabby. After the kids wrapped up with filming. I pulled Gabby aside for a mini shoot. I grabbed her hand and rushed across the street to catch the last bit of sunlight. We found a small patch of sun rays that made our fluffy hair look like lion’s manes. We discussed Polish things, growing up and the burdens of curly hair. Once the light grew too thin I threw Gabby over my shoulders and skipped back to her mom’s car. By the end of our few minutes, she promised to love her lion’s mane as long as I promised to love mine.


La Belle









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