Angora Boutique Models & La Belle @ NYFW

Photographed by Serena Qian, Ins: @q.serena | Location: Manhattan, New York


SPECIAL THANKS TO @angoraboutique and Angora models for supporting La Belle #kidshelpkids


Be #NYFWmodel Be Proud! Model: Brooke Scannevin, Ins:@brookescannevin

Model: Sailor Ins: @official_sailor_bila

Model: Ava Ruschmeyer, Ins: @avamaeruschmeyer

Model: Ella Ins: @ellahafner921

Model: Gianna

Model: Vivienne

Print Model! Brianna, Ins: @brianna_6661

Who Can Not LOVE A Puppy? Model: Jonathan

Model: Daniela

No Bullying tee, model: Hailey

Model: Rabecca, Ins:@rabeccajean_