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Bailey’s Instagram: @baibeach05

Photo & article by Naomi Clarke

Bailey Louise is an easygoing, fresh faced 11 year old from Australia, but currently residing in Texas with her family.

Traveling ever since she was a baby, living in countries like England and Peru. Seeing so much of the world she has amazing stories to tell, like the time she climbed the Eiffel Tower in little high heeled boots in Paris, climbing the many stairs in Machu Picchu and road tripping around Europe in an RV. All of her experiences in life seeing different cultures and fashion has led her to the amazing world of modeling.

Baileys modeling career started only in August of last year. Her mother stumbled across a model call for a local fashion designer. Baileys height being 5 foot 4 inch made her the perfect choice, and her experience on that shoot cemented her love of fashion and modeling. Since than Bailey has worked with many different photographers and has been featured in many Kids / tween modeling magazines. Such as Sprinkles, Moonstruck twice, Snap twice, Enchanting, Wildchild, Child Tween and Teen, and Jules model magazine. Even making the front cover for A La Mode.

In January, 2017 with the help of her mother they started her Instagram modeling page @baibeach05. Instagram opened up a lot more doors for Bailey and is now brand ambassador for many different small businesses.. Peacock and lime artisan jewellery which is based in Canada, Miss Ponytail, and Hunneyswimwear based in Sydney. She stays within 3 brands at a time to give the clients only the best. Since then Bailey and her mother Naomi, makeup artist and budding photographer have been the perfect mother, daughter team,styling and producing unique and fun photos showcasing the clients brands.

Baileys other passions in life is singing/ songwriting and playing representative soccer which keeps her fit and healthy. Her style is a little boho and a lot tomboy and she won't go anywhere without her converse. Her dream in life is being the next Famous Australian Victoria secret models Miranda Kerr and Jessica Hart.

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