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We are so excited to announce that Sophia Gabriella is the FACE OF LA BELLE of our Spring 2017 issue!!!

FACE OF LA BELLE: Sophia Gabriella

Instagram: @Sophiarose117

Hair/Makeup: Chanel Nicole

Photographer: Chanel Nicole

Tee: La Belle Logo Tee

Shorts: Distress_Less

Shoes: Self Esteem

Sophia Gabriella is a fun loving, kind hearted 3 year old from the fabulous Las Vegas. Sophia and her mom Chanel stumbled upon the child modeling world in 2015. When Chanel seen how much Sophia loved it and was such a natural, she used it as a bonding experience. Sophia's love for fashion began around 1 and a half when she would want to pick out her outfit everyday, and she did a great job at that! Sophia's preferred style is a girly dress, some ballet flats, and a headband or bow. She loves getting dressed up from head to toe.

Near the end of 2015 Sophia's mom seen Angora Boutique was looking for some models in Las Vegas for a photoshoot. I entered Sophia and she was picked to model for their spring line. Sophia then fell in love with the whole experience of modeling. She loved everything from seeing the dress to getting dolled up to getting her photo taken. Sophia also loved to see all the other girls model who were involved in the photoshoot.

Since then, Sophia's mom who is a makeup artist, had then gotten involved in a few photoshoots where Sophia was taken along. Sophia watched in awe as the girls got there hair and makeup done. That's when Chanel started focusing on getting Sophia into modeling. Some of Sophia's photos can be seen in La Belle Kidz, Big City Kids, Fashion Kids, and Indi Kids magazine.

In February 2017 Chanel started an Instagram page for Sophia and entered her in a few brand rep searches. Sophia currently reps 9 brands and is active on their social media pages which are Welcome to Wonderland Co., Jaylin Creates, Distressed_less, Little Jadore, lilchocopink, Emma Grace Shoppe, Southern Belle Vinyl Boutique, Morgan and Mae Co., and Foxy Mountain. Now every month she gets to get dolled up and do a fun photoshoot for the shops. This April Sophia also did a photoshoot for some really great small shops with Dressed Collective.

Sophia was over the moon when she found out she was the face of La Belle. She was calling herself a supermodel! When Sophia's not modeling she loves to play dolls, make play-doh dresses for her dolls, watch YouTube Kids, and go to the park. Sophia wants to be a pediatrician when she grows up so she can helps kids. She also wants to be a super hero. It seems Sophia has a big future ahead of her that will be conquered!

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