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Valentine’s themed shoot for petite adele

Valentine’s themed shoot for Petite Adele♥

This was such a fun and easy shoot with these cute little models for Valentine’s Day. The girls were so excited to come and model for me and I am very grateful for that. I wanted to do something out in nature where the elements are very natural to make the reds and pinks really pop in color. The dresses are provided by Petite Adele . Models from left to right are Allessandra ,Ashlyn, Savannah, Rose, and Kali.

“Dancing is like Dreaming with your feet”… model Ashlyn Jones wearing her pink pretty dress. She is training to become a dancer to live out her dream and she is well on her way.

This little beauty is all over Instagram with her own page that has over 28.9 k followers. You can find her at

This little cutie is dying to get started in the world of modeling. Arwen is such a relaxed and spirted model who knows what she wants.

Rose, is my pretty model that is also a cheer leader. If you could see this tiny person with so much energy and excitement you know why I enjoy her presence.

I created a prop with a old wooden ladder that is mine and wrapped it with pretty spring garland. Brand models Savannah and Kali shown her side by side are having to much fun.

Savannah (pink dress) and Rose (red dress) are both models with Brand Model and Talent agency. Savannah has had too many to count direct bookings off her gorgeous photos and you can see why.


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