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Summer 2016 Cover Girl - Peyton Heitz

Photographer: Mindy Tanimoto, Hair/Makeup: Olympia Farmakidis, Dress by Red Balloon LTD

La Belle Kidz Fashion Magazine Summer 2016 issue:

***About Peyton***

DOB: 3/3/2005

Agent: Joe Loera

Agency: Osbrink

Instagram: peyton_a_heitz

Most recent modeling shoot: H&M Clothing Spring Line Cancun, Mexico

***LBK Interview***

When did you start dancing / modeling and what do you love about it?

I started dancing at age 3 and modeling at age 9.

I love them both because I get to express myself in different ways.

Who is your favorite dancer and why?

Travis Wall because he is an amazing choreographer.

What’s your most memorable and exciting experience in your dance and modeling journey?

Early on in my competitive dancing experience, at the end of one of my performances, I nearly fell off the front of the stage but turned my final move into a back walkover landing on the floor below in front of the judges with a bow.

As far as modeling experiences was when shooting for H & M clothing in Cancun, we were driven through the jungle from the airport for the fitting.

What are your hobbies and favorite pastime?

My favorite hobbies are arts and crafts, swimming, surfing, doing makeup, and cooking. I also enjoy interacting on social media, mainly Instagram at peyton_a_heitz as well as creating music videos on Musically.

What is your favorite color, book, and movie?

My favorite color is blue. My favorite book is “Secret Language of the Sister”. My favorite movie is “Miracles from Heaven”.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Modeling, acting, and medicine interest me very much. I think I would likely pursue a career in any of these fields.

*I would like to acknowledge The Red Balloon in Newport Beach for donating all of the clothing used in this shoot.

*I would also like to acknowledge Olympia Farmakidis who did my hair and makeup for this shoot.


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