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My Tiny Wardrobe

My Tiny Wardrobe is a BRAND which has been recently brought to the market and has been featured globally in a limited timeframe. My Tiny Wardrobe is an online boutique store for affordable designer children's clothing, blankets, accessories and sleepwear. We design for both girls and boys, with ages ranging from newborns to five years of age.

We design and sell children's clothing for all the places they’ll go and adventures they’ll have. I believe every Tiny Wardrobe should have pieces that are edgy and classic, and we sell both.

Currently over 70% of our manufacturing is handmade by mothers working from home, this includes me. We hope to expand this over time by collaborating with other suppliers/designers who are also mums with small businesses or women/mothers who want to be involved but don't have a platform/network to do so.

My Tiny Wardrobe isn't just a store for selling baby clothes online. It's about empowering mummies.


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