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Fashion Spotlight – Fashion Camp, East Coast Starz

Arriving at Fashion Camp, I was excited and nervous; it was just like real camp. First we were put into groups and got my very own camp shirt and welcome gifts. Some of the best parts were getting to work together with my team and going to different classes throughout the day. At the end of the weekend we got to put on a full performance and there were activities for everyone.

One of my favorite classes were the designing classes, there were 3 and each one was different. One by BBTC, one by Les Tous Petits, and one by Glossy Chick . Each one offered a little something different.

My inspiration is to be comfortable but fashionable. Using bright colors is super fun but also soft fabrics. The best part are the vision boards!! You don't have to be the best drawer in the world ..just have a concept to completion Idea...

My vision is a fun one piece jumper.. Sure I have worn jumpers before but they didn’t have a lot of color and didn’t fit well. I added a drawstring in the center and popped bright bold colors with starz (very fitting)! Lastly no buttons or metal so its very easy to wash for my mom. I hope you guys like it as much as me!!

I will have another for tomorrow from our fashion skylight from our winter issue ....we basically need to put the VIP spolitghts into our blog keep it going the next one is Paris ....then Carrie Berk ...


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