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Stylo Issue 4: Fabric Paint

Today, we would like to share a blog from Hayley Crouse, author of Welcome to the Mouse House Blog. Hayley is a mom and a multitalented designer. Read on to see how to have fun and be artistic at the same time! The original blog link:


Stylo Issue 4 is out and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. I was a contributor to issue 1, but this time, I got a full 8 page spread and the back cover. Click HERE to read through the entire thing and be amazed at the talent featured. The best part about Stylo, aside from the amazing photography, is that everything in it is totally handmade. Did you hear that?? Handmade!

(Make sure to read all the way to the bottom to see the really fun behind the scenes video!! It is awesome.)

As soon as I found out that the theme of this issue was “color”, I had an idea. A crazy idea, but a fun one. Make completely blank outfits for each child and then set them loose with buckets full of colorful fabric paint, complete with snorkels, paint guns, and brushes. Totally, ridiculously fun.

How cute do they look pre-paint? Read below for pattern details. All jersey knit was courtesy of Michael Levine Fabrics and the woven fabric was courtesy of Michael Miller Fabrics (cotton couture in gray and white).

They all looked so precious in the all white/gray outfits that I *almost* didn’t want them to paint themselves.

But the show must go on…. goggles in place. Check.

They listened carefully to the rules of the day. Rule #1: Have fun.

When we first released them, they almost didn’t believe us that they could paint each other!

However, after a few moments, they were totally comfortable with the idea.


It was seriously SUCH a blast and these kids were total troopers, considering it was freezing outside.

All done! They told me they had “The best day ever!” That is a success in my book.

The fabric paint is permanent and they each got to take home their clothing as a souvenir.


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