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Introducing New Children's Clothing Line​ - Elizabeth Cordelia

Nicole Reichenbach – Designer & Owner Nicole Reichenbach has a degree in fashion from Marymount College, NY. She interned at McCall’s Patterns and at Nine West Group, Inc. during her studies in college. She co-organized the senior fashion show at the school, where she showcased some of her first designs.

Nicole’s first corporate job was in Allocations in Nine West Group, which she found interesting but not creative enough. She then moved departments within the shoe and accessory company and worked in Marketing for her remainder of time at Nine West Group. She gained knowledge of not only fashion but of public relations, advertising and branding through photo shoots. She implemented product images in all forms of advertising.

Nicole was inspired to begin the journey of designing for children when her own two daughters became involved in fashion through modeling. Nicole realized that they loved clothing as well and began asking them for advice on her sketches, because who better to ask questions about children’s clothing than children? She came to a conclusion that children’s clothing should be functional and fashionable.

Nicole’s daughters, Ilyana and Katerina, assist in the company’s design concepts. They each created their own garment design in the premier collection with limited direction from their mother. They wish to create a collaborative collection with each other one day.

The Company

The company name, Elizabeth Cordelia, is the combination of the middle names of her daughters. They are the designer’s constant inspiration. The company was founded in August, 2015.

Soft lace fabrics and durable, comfortable denims are used in every design at Elizabeth Cordelia to maintain an innocence of children with the function of every day wear. The clothing is classic and casual for girls size 4-12. Designs will be sold online on the company website, currently under construction.

Designs are inspired by florals and lace with a denim twist, we strive to make girls feel pretty!

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