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We are so proud to announce that La Belle Summer 2017 issue is a double cover issue! New York & Paris editions - different cover options, same contents.


In this issue, we have featured many leading and emerging American and international photographers new creations, such as Lily Koz, Candice Cohen and Olesja Mueller… high-end and unique fashion brands such as Dior, Gucci, Mummymoon, Moque… Cover models are Olivia, Sinead & Aislinn (New York), and Safya, Lilou & Sharon (Paris). Today’s star is Alexander Panetta who danced with Justin Bieber, Face of La Belle Bailey Louise, and #KidsHelpKids models Chloe Delmont, Jesea Littlejohn and Alexa Adkins… And new trendsetters / faces in TOP 20 Fashionistas and La Belle Fav Models...

Summer 17 Issue / Paris Cover (Digital)

SKU: Sum17p00001
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