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February 28th (publish in March), 

May 30th (publish in June),

September 30th (publish in October), 

November 30th (publish in December)



Up to 30 images, JPG format, sRGB color profile.

Photos must be professional and print quality, high-resolution.

Minimum sizes (strict rules):

Portrait: 8.627 × 11.25 in, 300 dpi (2588 × 3375 px).

Landscape: 17.254 × 11.25 in, 300 dpi (5176 × 3375 px).

Must be exclusive, unpublished and unposted.



For Fashion Editorial +++ We're looking for kids & teen fashion editorial submissions that are high style, unique, trendsetting, and innovative. Your submission MUST NOT be published, posted, shared, or displayed by other magazines, websites, social media, etc. Images must remain unpublished with no sneak-peeks until the La Belle magazine issue is released.  The La Belle team maintains sole responsibility for determining which submissions will be featured in our publications. Must submit a minimum of 2 fashion looks, for example, 1 model 2 outfits, 2 models 1 outfit each model. And you can submit more than 2 fashion looks (models, outfits).

For Model, Talent, Fashionista, Influencer +++ We're looking for fresh and trendsetting fashion photography submissions from kids & teens. Please submit Full-body, Half-body and Headshot photos, so we will have a full view of a model and fashion/style.


La Belle does not provide any form of compensation for unsolicited submissions. Any expenses or costs are solely the responsibility of the contributor. We cannot guarantee that content submitted will be used on the La Belle blog, or social media, the website, or the magazine's digital or print formats. All featured submissions will receive an announcement with a purchase link after the new issue is published. We do not provide free print copies or tear sheets.


Any content you submit to La Belle Magazine must NOT be published in any other magazine, blog, website, e-zine, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, other social media network, or anywhere else online or in print for anyone to view. If you make your submission - or any outtakes from your submission - public in any form before we present the content online via any of our platforms, we reserve the right to pull the content from our platforms in its entirety without notice and without your consent.


While we do allow simultaneous submissions (i.e., you are permitted to submit this content to other publishing outlets at the same time you submit to La Belle), you agree that your right to simultaneous submission and/or publication is terminated at the point La Belle accepts your content for publication on any of our platforms. Acknowledging our intent to publish your submitted content means that you agree you will pull any submissions of that content you may have outstanding with other publishing outlets, and you agree to no longer submit that content, or any outtakes from that content, to any other publication, media outlet, or platform of any kind. Once you receive our notice of intent to publish your submission, whether in our print, digital, or web platforms, you understand that from that point forward we retain exclusive publishing rights to that content. You agree you will not submit that content for publication elsewhere in any form. 


After we have published your submitted content via the intended La Belle platform - CONGRATULATIONS! - you are encouraged to share the content via your personal web and social media platforms. As stated above, however, we do retain exclusive publishing rights and you understand that you are no longer authorized to submit any portion of the content, including outtakes, to other any other publishing outlets, including web and digital-based platforms without our written consent. If you have a specific request you feel should be an exception to this policy, please contact us directly and we will review on a case-by-case basis.


We do not tolerate any form of plagiarism or copying of content in whole or in part. If it is discovered that any part of your submission is not your original work, we reserve the right to pull the content from our platforms in its entirety without notice and without your consent. If it is discovered that any part of your submission has been published on a platform other than La Belle following your receipt of La Belle intent to publish, we reserve the right to pull the content from our platforms in its entirety without notice and without your consent.  You acknowledge that you are solely responsible to ensure the content submitted is not encumbered by any other individuals or organizations.


* The submission is the same or similar to other content we are planning or have planned, have already received, or have already scheduled for publication.

* The quality or style of the content - images, writing, theme, or other - is not right for our platforms. 

*  The content requires too much editing to be publication-ready.

* The content is seasonal or holiday-themed and is not submitted in sufficient time prior to the occasion. 

* The content has already been published, posted, shared, or displayed in another venue, online or otherwise.

* Some part of the content is not original.


Photos must be professional and print quality, high-resolution, minimum size: 2588x3375 pixels, 300dpi. JPG formats only. Cell phone photos will NOT be accepted. Please don't crop your photos, our designers will do in the magazine.

Please note: submitting high-resolution images does not constitute a guarantee of placement in our print edition.


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