Summer Breeze - Cover Story / Summer 2017

Photography & style: LILY KOZ / Instagram @lilykozphotography

Hair&Makeup: LILY KOZ, Stephanie Giovinco / Instagram @oldsoulyoungspirit

Models: Oliviah, Sinead, Aislinn, Sebastian, Alina, Ariana, Brooklyn and London

Dresses: Mummymoon and Moque / Instagram @mummymoom_official @moque_official

Boy Tee: Sierra Julian / Instagram @sierrajuliannyc

Accessories: ooahooah / Instagram @ ooahooah

Location: LILY KOZ Studio, New York


Aislinn & Sinead wearing Mummymoon dresses and ooahooah accessories



 Oliviah wear wearing Mummymoon dress and ooahooah accessories


 Alina wearing Mummymoon dresses and ooahooah accessories

Sebastian wearing Sirrra Julian tee



Ariana wearing Mummymoon dress and ooahooah accessories 

Brooklyn wearing Moque dress and ooahooah accessories 



 London wearing Moque dress and ooahooah accessories 



Oliviah wearing Moque dress and ooahooah accessories 

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