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Back to School

With the business of preparing for that big day of going back to school, keep in mind their are some tips you may find beneficial.

First, you want to start your school shopping early if possible. This will guarantee you get the best selection and sizes of your choice. They make so many adorable, cool, and trendy clothes these days so you want to get your favorites before they are gone. Second, it is best if you know your kids sizes or can take them with you. With all the online shopping these days it is a hassle to have to do returns. Some of my favorite shops to shop at are:,,,,,,, and

When you look good you feel good too! So make sure to set a budget for your school shopping also. That is important so you know ahead of time what you can spend. Then make a list of essentials like skirts, blouses, leggings, capris, shorts, pants, t-shirts, jeans, polo's and cardigans. You can always add pieces later if you need to once you have the essentials taken care of. Make sure your child is excited about their first day of school. Lots of memories to be made this school year! Lots of milestones with growing up and starting the next grade! If they feel confident they will do great. By looking good it will boost their self esteem and confidence. And who knows, you may receive the Best Dressed award! :) Clothing and wardrobe from Target, Gap, Justice Models Manny (Zuri model), Brandon (Brand model), Rose (Brand Model), and Savannah ( Brand Model)


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