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The standard editorial feature is 2 full pages.

  • Upgrade to Leading Editorial: USD $398 per 2 extra pages - will be featured in the front of the magazine issue, more pages, more social media exposure + free digital issue!

  • Upgrade to BACK COVER STORY: Back Cover with La Belle Logo $498 + $250 per extra magazine page - will be featured right after the Front Cover Story, more pages, blog publication and more social media exposure + free digital and one print magazine! (Please understand we will close this offer once it's reserved)


Venmo to @labelle-magazine (no fee will be charged)


Paypal to info@labellekidz.com (please cover the transfer fee or send via friends&family - no fee will be charged in the US, less fee for the international transfer - Paypal account outside the USA. )​

* If you need to use another payment method such as credit card (a small processing fee will be charged), please let us know.

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